Out for the Erlangen Triathlon 2016

Hi guys,
This week I some of you asked about my racing plans of the season.
My schedule, was planned to race in the Erlangen Triathlon and try to get the best out of the race.
In my plan (only in my head this year), was to push these July and create a kind of seasonal peak at race’s day. However, I eventually decided I will be not in the start line.

It’s being a complicate year, with a lot of small injuries that are making me struggle during training. There’s one in particular that is coming over and over (maybe, because I’m not giving enough time to heal), a small broken fibres in one of the insertion of my right hamstring.
This injury is an annoying point of soreness that is being activate every time I run in paces below 4’15”. And, worst of all, when I think it’s gone and I switch gears, it’s showing up again and sending me to the grandstand for some days.

Yet, and being completely open and honest with you, my head is not in the mood of what competition demands. I could probably race and do a decent time, but I’m pretty sure I will not enjoy from the beginning to the finish line. So this is the second main reason in my shortlist.

Even if it may sounds contradictory, I’m somehow putting the hours in the mileage. I’m not swimming, cycling or running as in former years, but I’m doing more quality/smart trainings and the times records are okeish.

In addition, a “big thing” to me, is to enjoy sport. I love sport, is part of my DNA, my lifestyle and I doubt I could live without practicing some physical activity.
With all these aches touch points in my body, the sensation of going out and having a jog, take the bike and enjoying spinning some kilometres, head to the pool just to swim and feeling the water or just play a football game during lunch time, was fade away.

I love struggle when training, the sensation of being empty because of pushing, but I don’t want to have the obligation of “training because of ___”. At least is not in my bucket list currently.

So guys, answering to your kindly questions (and for the record, many thanks for that, you motivate me quite a lot!) I don’t have any race in the pipeline for this year. I will keep an eye open for something coming up, but without a serious plan to perform.

I choose a period without a plan, training 4 times per day or 1, depending of how keening I am at this day, listening to my body and letting the decision either to train or not to my head.

And for those that are flagging the calendar with amazing challenges, best of the lucks! Count with me for some sessions, I still can make you sweat 😉

Dani Juan


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