Nutrition tips to boost your body

Hi guys,
How do you feel during the day?
Do you often feel heavy, tired and/or inflamed as a ballon?
You better check your daily intake and how this is affecting to your performance.

For me, these symptoms started in the beginning of the year.
I use to have a proper nutrition, mixing different types of food to get the best out of my diet (without following a proper diet itself) and trying to reduce (important, not to eliminate) the treats.
As I was writing some time ago in an article “the best diet ever: common sense“, diets are, in my humble opinion, a way to reduce dramatically weight but with a yo-yo consequence that may put you in a worse situation than you were before starting the holy diet. Rather, I do encourage all of you guys to set up a kind of healthy habits and to embrace them for a long time.

But let me focus and get back to the beginning of my year, with this uncomfortable sensation of not feeling good at all.
I was doing my daily sport as always, eating in a similar way than usual but still feeling without energy, drinking a lot of coffees and most of the days with the stomach close to explode. Yet, the scale was pointing out a couple of kilograms up to my normal weight, nothing to be worried but to think what was wrong in my body metabolism.
In addition, a poor sleeping quality, waking up every night a couple of times.

What I changed?

  1. I changed my breakfast, but for a bigger portion though
    As good Spanish, it was based in bread, oil, tomato and ham.
  2. I ensured 5-6 times per week an easy fasting training
    Sometimes is 20′ of just a smoothie jog, commuting to the office by bike or hitting the pool for 30′. Only some water and a black coffee on the body
  3. Having the breakfast a bit later, to reduce the timings with the next intake
    Normally, I prepared a shake with banana, milk, coffee, almonds, chia seeds, linen seeds and 20gr of wheat protein.
    Aside, somedays I eat a slide of bread with ham and cheese, if the session was 60′ and with some intervals.
    Advice: Don’t be afraid to eat a big healthy breakfast, your body will burn it and you’ll be much active during the morning
  4. Adding salad to the lunch but also some carbs 
    I try to do my second training before lunch. Afterwards, rather to eat a huge amount of kcal, I eat a big salad and a small portion of another dish (rather to a one single portion of a big one)
    With the salad consumption in the first place, your hunger will be calm, and being 85% water, you’ll be not extremely hungry for the next dish.
    Advice: Forget dressing and enjoy a fresh blend of olive oil and salt
  5. Snack
    That was another big change that I included on my daily habits. Instead of going for something sweet to the cantine, I buy some protein bars or nuts, either to give to the body a boost and to avoid arrive home and eat the fridge (literally)
  6. Dinner
    Nothing special here to be super honest with you. I just enjoy this moment of the day and I avoid pasta, rice etc. but I don’t have a plan for that dose. I try though, to add here the protein of the meat, fish or eggs, to avoid an imbalance within the rest of the day choices.
    Advice: Try to have dinner at least 3 hours before going to the bed, to give to your body the time to digest properly. You’ll sleep better.
  7. Treat
    As I said in the beginning, I don’t avoid the treats, but I reduce them. So normally I like to eat a Greek yogurt with nuts or a glass of milk with 3-4 chocolate cookies.
    For me is such a way to celebrate another day!

To sum up, my routines were maybe not bad, but my body was totally use to.
Since I changed my daily basis, the way of eating key foods and combine in a smarter way sport, my sensations are back.
More energy during the day, a higher attentional factor, feeling lighter and performing better in sports.

Finally, and closing the post, I would like to encourage you to stop following a diet, but to establish a great combo of physical activity and nutrition habits. In addition, to add a treat that makes you happy, even daily. If you like to end up the day with an ice cream, do so. And even make a picture and update your instagram, I will definitely like it!
The key is the other 90% of the day, so don’t feel guilty, we are here to enjoy life, not to count calories!

Dani Juan


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