Training more to increase your productivity at job

Hi guys,
There are two kind of days:

  • A: Have you ever feel this sensation of being amazingly efficient and hit all the milestones of the day/week? These are the days where you wear your costume of Superman and people can smell your powers. Trust me, you are inspiring them.
  • B: Have you ever feel the other way around, when you can’t finish your task, you have an amount of deadlines in the pipeline and your head is not able to be focus? These days, when you are counting hours down to arrive home, jump on the sofa and shut your eyes. Trust me for the second time today, your colleagues use to realized about that and the atmosphere turns in grey.

    Don’t panic, these days happens, but let me describe my routines to increase my focus, efficiency and to color up a dark day into a brighter one.

Normally, my suggestion is always to start the day with a smooth training in fasting, to boost your body for the whole day. This will wake you up and activate your body to smash the day.
But sometimes this could be not enough or you just hadn’t have the time to train before the first meeting in the morning.

The sensation turns into a overwhelmed mood due an hectic calendar, a lack of time to focus and a terrific decrease of your productivity.

So let’s imagine ourselves in the B situation. Stress, calendar overbook and deadlines everywhere. In addition, your colleagues have a similar day, so the atmosphere around you is dense.
What should you do? Take your runners, a short and a tee, the ipod and go for a 20′ run.
This outdoor activity will:

  • Make you switch off and reset your mind
  • Activate your legs
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Feed your eyes
  • Turn into a great mood

And as soon as you are in your desk after a shower and a snack in your hands to recover, this is a total of 30′, don’t tell me you have not time, you’ll be completely refuel, fresh and motivated to start being productive again.

Last advice from my side, try to think in something non work related during the running, just sing your powersong or think in something funny that makes you laugh.

Dani Juan


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