Is Strava the ultimately source of Motivation?

Hi guys,
I just drop my bike off after my commuting. Rapidly, I saved the training and I check whether the Garmin has sent correctly the data to Strava or not. Breathe. Is there.

Strava is a sport platform created by athletes, amateurs and any kind of sports enthusiastic. In there, you can plan your activities, set up your goals or track your training log. The level of synchronisation with different devices is great, making quite easy to have an automatic and fast update whatever your device choice is. Smart.

But, as I’m not digging deeper in the functions and options Strava, let me talk about Motivation. Or, as a open question, Is Strava the ultimately source of Motivation?

Formerly, I remember that those days I was not so eager on training, I used to turn on the laptop and watch a video in Youtube. I still do so though, but this resource is not easily available before any given session.

Nowadays and since I’ve a free account membership in the platform, my routines had been changed. What am I doing different?

  • Not using anymore my Excel worksheet to control my training log
  • Joining Challenges rather than setting up random kilometres goals

These are two of the major changes I’ve realised.

Still didn’t describe why I think this is the ultimately Motivation source. Here a go:

  • Opening the app: When you make the “mistake” of opening Strava and the feed of your following contacts pop up in your mobile screen, you’re totally screw. Automatically, when reading the training of the people, you feel bad. You really feel bad. And I would add lazy.
    Doesn’t matter how many hours did you train yesterday. Your sensation is that you are behind the group. Your head starts thinking what/when/where fit a training.
  • Segments: You are running smoothie or commuting to the office, just enjoying the day or being uplifted by the landscape. But your head send you a direct and clear message: A segment is coming. Automatically and to avoid being the slowest of the day, you push. Maybe you’re not looking for the PR, but you don’t want to be in the queue.
  • Challenges: This part is hilarious. You even don’t want to join Challenges sometimes, but your friends have joined. And then this is popping up in your feed page. What do you do? Good luck with the Climb Challenge or the Distance Challenge, be ready to increase your odometer.

I could keep on going, but I guess the post would be too long and boring.

To end up, I would like to point out how you look to the people: Now is not about “Did you see his/her last picture in facebook?” Now is all about “He/She was riding 500km or running 100k last week”. Next level.

So guys, I don’t know if this is happening to you, but Strava is boosting me to do (even) more sports. And the beauty is, that the sport platform is making normal people, as you and me, being the source of Motivation for others, pushing people to do more sports, to share physical activities and to unleash the best version of ourselves. 

I’m not opening the app until tomorrow, I promise!

Dani Juan


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