Gomez Noya – Out of the Rio Olympics

Hi guys,
This morning I was opening as usual the international press and reading a shocking breaking new: Javier Gómez Noya out of the summer Olympics in Rio.
When my eyes were reading the header, I was astonished:
“Triathlete Javier Gomez has pulled out of the Rio Olympics after breaking his elbow in a cycling accident”

For an athlete that has been 5 times ITU world champion, 4th and 2nd in summer Olympics, X-Terra world champion and Half ironman world champion, and with the only objective to win the Gold in Rio, with a specific preparation during the last 4 years with that purpose, the accident is dramatic.

I’m the first one that it’s quite disappointed with the news, knowing that Javi is not only a great athlete but also a source of inspiration for everyone. Humble, hard worker, committed and always pushing beyond his limits to gain a second in a race.

But, this is sport. You train, you push beyond the boundaries, you win and sometimes you lose. It’s hard to assimilate and currently his head should be plenty of negative voices trying to get him (even) downer.

I bet, that as Frodeno call out in a viral uplifting videoSport can be brutally honest sometimes but it can be brutally wonderful in others“, Noya will come back pretty soon to triathlon to squeeze this wonderful days once again.

Kona’s Ironman, wait for him.

Courage Javi, I wish you best of the lucks to overcome the injury. Don’t lose your smile.

Dani Juan


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