Bicycles of the Future

Hi guys,
Are you commuting to the office by bike? Maybe running? or just walking? Well done!
Did you know the benefits of get your car parked and activate your body every morning before the daily job kick off?
Of course, there are positions within the company or venues that this is impossible, but I bet with you that, most of us have the privilege of going to our job place with a smoothie bike commuting.
If you are like enough to belong to this group, here some benefits:

  • Metabolism boost
  • Perfect fasting Workout
  • Weight lossing, when linking with a proper healthy refuel
  • BPM decrease – improvement of your  aerobic capacity
  • Inspiration, environment awareness and soul charge
  • Mind activation, increase of your productivity and factor attention
  • Healthier body, who wants a stronger legs?
  • Happiness for the rest of the day

This are just a handful of insights of what you can reach using your legs as a way of transportation.

Finally, I would like to share with you an article of 10 incredible Bikes for the Future.
Looking good, right?

Take your bike, run or walk to the office everyday, you are going to feel fantastic!


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