Best Superfoods on Budget I

Hi guys,

Nowadays, the hype of consuming Superfoods is a trending topic.
Not only in the supermarkets, but also in the restaurants of street stands, words as “SuperFood“, “Vegan“, “Ecological” etc. is calling out a bunch of shelves, menus or product labeling.

By definition, a Superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.
And here is where the brands are taking the advantage and making a great business, with a ridiculous high price point positioning.
Note: I’ve nothing against the branding, packaging and marketing actions, I love to see, touch, read and eventually learn about it

It is possible to eat a similar approach of SuperFoods on price?
Well, I actually do it. Wanna know what is in my basket?
In the following posts, I would like to tell you what I’m buying, a short explanation and ideas to save some money.

To open your appetite, I would rate my top 3 Must Daily Foods (rather than Superfoods):

  1. Nuts
  2. Oats
  3. Greek yogurt

This is just a short list of my daily consumption. I’m not going to dig deeper in the nutrition facts, but these guys will provide you healthy fats (either heart protection and energy driven), good bacteria (to blind your intestinal), calcium (to support your bones), fibers (for your stomach and to prevent diabetes/heart diseases) etc.

I blend these three foods in a shake with protein powder, adding other ingredients that I will show you a different post.

So far we are on budget and we are able to find everything easily.

Are you missing the seeds, right?
Coming soon 😉

Dani Juan


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