Riding Hamburg

Hi guys,
Last Weekend we were Riding Hamburg, an amazing experience with so much fun and also a good workout for our legs!

IMG_1708On Friday we packed the car with some clothes and, of course, the bikes.
We always try, when possible, to travel with our own bikes, with the purpose of sightseeing the cities in a different way, having freedom to move and moving faster (and greener) than with public transport or by feet. A fine fish meal on Friday night in the Portuguese area of the city, followed by a walking around the pier and staring at the sunset. Beautiful!

IMG_1751On Saturday, we flipped the coin and we started the day with a smoothie run, to boost our body and wake it up. A fast shower and ready to mount the bikes! Commuting to the Hafencity to have a breakfast in front of the water. Afterwards, we rode for quite a long time, rolling around the different neighbourhoods of the city and exploring Hamburg at its best.
Our next stop was in the Unilever base, to check the small shopping mall that they have in the ground floor, showcasing some of his brands and with an astonish panorama outside, just in the shore of the sea. Don’t miss an ice cream in the bay.
Moving forward to the city downtown after ensuring a complete round around the harbour, it was time to eat some typical food: Bismarck roll and Matjes baguette. That was actually quite yummy!
IMG_1748After refueling, we visited the Altstadt, meaning the main streets of the city with all the brands shops, the council and where the famous ITU Triathlon swimming leg takes place. A bit disappointing with the water though, I’ve decided to delete the race from my bucket list.IMG_1750
A coffee shot on top and some snacks based on some wurst and cheese.
Keeping on spinning up, it was time to ride longer and make a complete loop around the  Aussenalster lake. Amazing vibes and crazy villas around, a complete different picture of St Pauli, where our hotel was located.
And then, we went to take a drink and some food to a festival that was happening in the city, staring at the sunset and admiring the beauty of the landscape.

IMG_1786Sunday early we headed to the Fischmarkt, where the crowd was walking around the different tents, drinking coffee, eating fish, buying “10€ Fruits Baskets” and dancing at the rhythm of live music. 6.30 am in the morning!! A totally recommendable experience.
A run afterwards, shower, check out and back to the Hafencity to take a breakfast before driving back to Nürnberg.

To sum up, having the possibility to ride around the city, grabbing the chance of early running’s and getting lost, is always the best way to explore a city in a healthy, intense and funny way.
Next stop…??
Dani Juan


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