Best Superfoods on Budget II

Hi guys,

Ready for going to the groceries? Have you made already your list or you prefer to buy by impulse?

Moving ahead with the serial of the Best Superfoods on Budget, let me introduce you my top 3 protein sources:

  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Eggs

Even if those guys may look with high amount of fat, the overarching impact in your body it’s unbeatable. With the Avocado you’ll be feed by healthy fats, Vitamins K, B6, E, C and also fiber and Potassium . Eating Salmon will help you a refuel of omega 3, Vitamins B12, E and Selenium. Eventually the Eggs will play his role as a source of cheap and high quality protein, plus a handful of vitamins like D, B6, B12 or a dose of Zinc and Iron.

Start introducing these 3 guys in your weekly basis, plus the first list I made, and your body will feel the difference.

We are still on budget, aren’t we? If I’m not wrong, you can buy a smoked salmon package, a couple of avocados and a tray of eggs for around 6€. We are still cheaper than a small package of some Superfoods !!

Dani Juan



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