How to improve your sleeping quality

Hi guys,
This is nothing new for me. Since some time I’m fighting to have a deep and seamless sleeping, but somehow I’m used to.
I have neither a formula that is making me sleeping for 8 hours (or 6!) but there are a bunch of small tricks that I’m implementing and are, in a bit scale, improving my sleeping quality.

Here you go:

  • Having dinner earlier, at least 3 hours before going to the bed
    Note: I can’t avoid a glass of milk with some cookies straight before laying on the bed.
  • Last coffee call: 16.00. Sharp.
  • New in house: A 20′-30′ walk after having dinner
    Tip: I do it with Nicki, practicing my poor Deutsch, so double benefit!

Are you having the same issues? Any recommendation?



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