The importance of having a sport goal for growing in your career

Hi guys,
We all heard over and over about the importance to setting up goals in a short, mid and long term, both in your work and your life.

But there is one goal that should be set up in the first place: Sport
Why sport should be priority number one? 

To achieve any kind of business or personal goal, we need a blend made by:
Energy, motivation, attitude, achievable targets, dedication, perseverance or luck.

Is anything popping up in your head that have such an ingredients? Sure, it’s called Sports.
Having a Sport Goal, such a running distance, a summit conquest or a pure aesthetic objective, will directly boost your body, giving you a leverage to smash anything that is in your business/personal pipeline.

So, how to be more efficient and able to achieve all your goals without getting burn out?
Mark a Sport meeting in your calendar, involve a friend to rise the commitment bar, take a leap out of the daily routines, and buckle up for the rest of your milestones, you’ll be boosted!

And if this is not working, at least your body will be grateful for the healthy journey =)

Dani Juan


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