Meditation from scratch

Hi guys,
It’s been a while since I had written in my list “things to try” a meditation routine.
Tired of delaying this topic much more, I have researched about it and having some ideas of how to do Meditation without knowing nothing about it. Or Meditation for dummies, feel free to called it.

Some hints that had steered me to try Meditation:

  1. I was realizing that I find quite easy to work against objectives, goals or projects.
    — However, when it was about to keep the mind blank, it was such a challenge
  2. The same as in training. Even when I’m tired, I can focus in doing a session and hit (with a better or worse performance) the objective of the practice.
    –Trying to relax afterwards in some quality minutes doing some stretching or just breathing is usually not possible. I’m already thinking in the next task.
  3. Feeling bad if I’m in the bed awake. My body (steer by my head) makes me leap out of the bed and start doing stuff. We’re talking 5.30 to 6.00am, even on the weekends.
    I was putting quite an effort to stay in the bed on Sunday’s, but I failed over and over.

For those reasons and others and, confiming this pattern with Nicki, I realized I’ve not as much control as I thought on my mind.

Back to the research point, I was reading some advice of how meditation can help you to focus during the day and also how can improve your daily productivity.
Credits to one of my recurrent learning/hacking sources, Tim Ferriss

So I’m trying for 10 days an app called Headspace to experience whether Meditation can actually help to feel better, keep you more focused and rise your productivity or, rather, is something that is not suiting me.

Any recommendation guys?

Day 1 accomplished, with 10′ this morning after my running session and I’ve to admit I felt better the whole day. Placebo?

Dani Juan


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