How to score without a plan

Hi guys,
I always say that there is no off-season: There are periods where you will train more and others that you’ll do less, but to keep your body active and fit is a habit, rather than a seasonal thing. img_5597

When I’m not following a plan or preparing a race (that seems this is the trend in the last year), I sometimes can feel demotivated or not keening at all in getting some training done.
And if you know me, not doing sports and/or practicing my habits, may have a negative impact on my daily basis performance: personal, learning, social, job etc.

How I overcome this?
How I train without a plan?
It’s only about training or there are other parts that I want to push myself?

Normally, I set up short objectives, no longer than 1 week.
For instance, let me sum up the last weeks goals to give you a clear picture of what I mean:

  • Training: Running 70k in week 1 and 80k in week 2
  • Social: Join at least 1 activity with a group. img_5530
    Football game last Friday
  • Nutrition: Avoid sweets during working hours
  • Hydration: Don’t exceed 2,5 litres/day
  • Mind: Doing during 10 days 10′ meditation
  • Extra: Go 3 levels up in duolingo in one week

One of the things that are working for me, is to set up goals that are ambitious but achievable at the same time.
The idea behind is to be able to score and even go further.

Last but not least, short term objectives doesn’t need to be easy, so don’t forget to reward yourself and celebrateimg_5560
Dani Juan


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