Hello 2017!

Hi guys,
The new year has already started and the internet is flooded by resolution lists, detox plans and goals to achieve. I’ve mine as well.

2016 was a fantastic year, plenty of traveling around the world, discovering cities such Hong Kong, Moscow, Shangai, Tokyo or the West Coast of USA besides others.

Yet, I’ve ran across different continents, practiced trail running more than ever before, hiking the alps or the Victoria Peak.

IMG_1630Also, running all the way down along the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, plus a lifetime experience across Yosemite’s valley.
This was a dream travel written for a long time in my bucket list, and last summer I eventually made it. img_3094
My year was ending up in my hometown, with friends and family and running once again (I think is already my 16’s time) the Silverster race. The perfect way to close the year.

On the other side, I’ve not compete that much, swimming and biking less than in the last 2 years, and not following any specific training plan. Just moving as my body was requesting.

I’m also super happy in my career development. I’ve grown in my current company and also brought our startup to the next level, achieving a target far away higher than our first forecast. A bunch of efficient hours had finally paid off.
Personal side, I made one of the biggest steps in my entirely life, getting engaged with the person that I love. A girl that is not only able to join me in any naughty plan I’ve but also pushing me to do things in a different way, always with a smile and releasing the best version of me.



With a negative point of my 2016’s resolutions, I’ve not reach the level that I was aiming in German language. I didn’t read as much as planned either and I didn’t try the amount of new things that I was writing down last year. Yet, I was delaying topics related with health, always giving priorioty to job.

What is 2017 bringing new?
In my moleskine there is a bunch of topics that I would love to achieve.
The common question about my competition plan is still pending. I’ve not an answer so far.
I’ve prioritize the ones that I didn’t achieve during 2016, in order to overcome a wrong strategy from my side and learn of mistakes.

I’m really attracted about trying something new in terms of health. And with this I’m referring not also in feeling good, but in eating differently (still don’t know if better), trying approaches as ketosis, reducing the animal intake and also establishing routines in mindfulness practices (I’ve started already with meditation & yoga) and cleaner ways of living (so for instance, reducing the amount of waste at home). Also, I would like to see how my body feels before/during/after a fasting period of x days. I’m still skeptical to this, but why not to give a try?

For the rest, I’m ready to embrace whatever surprise the year is bringing. If something I have learned, is that every year is coming with a bunch of unexpected stuff, adventures and opportunities.
It’s great to plan in advance what are your goals and dreams, but also to keep a blank space for the unwritten paths.

All that said, I wish you a great 2017 plenty of challenges, new things and the full of the only constant I know, that is called change.
Don’t forget to make more of what makes you happy

Dani Juan


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