Hi guys,
I usually train everyday and during a bunch of months, double session.
But there is always some days of the year (for instance, last year January’s 1st) when I avoid practicing sports.
Just because I’m not keening on or not feeling good.

I was reading an interesting initiative by tracksmith called #nodaysoff and I found it like a challenge.
It sounds like you need to commit yourself 100% with the challenge if you want to smash it out. And that sounds amazing to me =)

As I prefer to split long term objectives in a more feasible, realistic and measurable, I’ve decided that I will go month by month, so starting in January with a 31/31.

What I’ve slightly changed, is what I define like #nodaysoff.

  • Physical activity, with a minimum of 20′
    That can be running, swimming, cycling etc. but also yoga, brisk walking or stretching specifics etc.
  • Learning activity
    That stands for language, coding, design lesson or a new activity immersion
  • Meditation 
    A deep session
  • Fasting practices
    If (still tbd) I try a kind of ketosis or fasting days, I’ll probably avoid sport training

All that said, feel free to join me in this challenge and let’s do 2017 counts!

Dani Juan


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