Challenges 2017: Ironman 70.3 Vietnam

Hi guys,
2016 was a transition competition period for me.

If you were somehow following my year, I was training and doing good, but not eager on putting a slot and racing.
Last year, I ended up with something around 300 km of swimming, 3.500 km of cycling and 2.300 km of running, far away of my 2015 figures. In addition, I spent such a bunch of hours in the mountains, either trail running and hiking.
To sum up the year, I would say it was a great year, growing in other areas as personal and my career, traveling around the globe and also achieving some dreams of my bucket list. I also got engaged with the most beautiful woman on Earth, so, what else?

But I felt it was time to set some sport challenges in my agenda. Therefore and with a push from Nicki, I’m officially enrolled in the IronMan 70.3 Vietnam, on May 7th 2017!

The idea is preparing the race properly, crossing fingers to keep away from injuries, trying to race as my best and enjoy the Ironman journey like a kid.
The goal is definitely to fight for a top 5 age group, but it will depends of how my body is assimilating the training volumes.
Yet, the temperature factor will play a crucial factor, coming from the cold Germany with a lack of outdoor cycling to a +40º weather plus the humidity factor.

All that said, keep an eye to my instagram account and the blog, in case you want to stay tuned of my training schedule.

I will share with you which kind of training method I’m using nowadays.
As a hint, I have decided to avoid long sessions, but betting for a minimal approach based in intensity, brick sessions and proper nutrition and resting.
I would stand, basically, in the 10 to 15 h/week, except some exceptional training camp (If I’ve the chance).

And that’s it!
Quite motivated to add this challenge, perfectly aligned with my #nodaysoff.
Let’s do it!

Dani Juan


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