Cross training, the alps and my 32’s

Hi guys,
This weekend I headed up to Ruhpolding, to celebrate my 32’s with Nicki. img_6549
The surprise and agenda was made by her, with a priceless combination of everything I need to feel happy: Sport, outdoors, mind, relax, reading, coffee, switching off, going out of my comfort zone and her.

We started the wintersports Weekend on Friday afternoon, with a stop in Dinzler, drinking a fresh roasted coffee. Stop by if you are heading to the alps from Munich. Arriving in the evening to Ruhpolding, where the biatlhon world cup was taking place one week before and getting frozen during a walk. It was just -15 degrees.

img_6562Saturday, early wake up with the Australian Open (vamos Rafa!), breakfast and going to the skiing area. My 32’s were started! I picked snowboard again, to challenge myself with something I don’t manage as good as skiing. The goal was accomplished, meaning I was able to turn in both sides and doing some basic exercises. I still like more skiing though.
Afterwards, we grab a coffee and cake and went to the Sauna for a blend of heating and ice bath. Finishing the day with a steak and a kaisersmann!

On Sunday, one of the most beautiful cross country skiing that I’ve ever made. A loop img_6597with pines, tons of snow and a sparkling sun made the job. I pushed myself in some sections and I really like this sport. It’s amazing how your pulse goes up and your senses are on fire!
A bath in the snow (this time the water was warm, but outdoor and with the alps as landscape) and driving back home, with a stop in Munich to have dinner with Nicki’s family.
Yet, we made a stop in the Echinger see, the lake that I use to swim  on summer. And guess what, it was frozen and the kids were playing Ice Hockey. Wow!

To wrap up, a great Weekend, respecting the training and being able to switch off and refuel batteries.

Here my extra training tips to make any travel a way to improve your shape:

  • Plan your training week beforehand: Set up your key sessions before the trip kicks off.
  • Spoil yourself during the trip: Stop avoiding eating some treats because of weight gaining. Rather, have a clean week before and afterwards. You’re body will be more than fine!
  • Stop thinking you are not training: Any single physical activity has a positive impact on you. Skiing, snowboarding or just brisk walking. Embrace a cross session, it’s good either for your body and mind.
  • Use the trip as a supercompensation: If you were pushing during the week, the Weekend is ideal to stretch, doing some meditation and taking it easy. Again, your body will be grateful.
  • You are not losing shape nor momentum: As said, 2-3 days can have a great impact in your performance. A single session is not enhancing your level, but the consistency during the season

I will update you really soon about how my training is going, and I’ll share how I’m planing and facing this new season, on my way to Ironman 70.3 Vietnam, slightly different as last ones.
img_6592Once again, many thanks for all your birthday wishes! You always make me smile.

Dani Juan




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