Meatless Monday

Hi guys,

As I was pointing out in previous posts, I’m willing to try new ways of nutrition.
I’ve never tried a diet in my whole life and is something that I do believe is not the way to achieve a healthy goal (perhaps a aesthetic wish though). Rather, I always answer to this question the same:
Sort your meals, reduce the sugar intake (or delete it), set up a 5 doses/day, drink enough water and add some physical activity. That’s it.

Unfortunately, I’m currently enrolled in the preparation of the IronMan Vietnam, so I need to pay attention in my choices, picking the smartest alternative to combine performance and health. With the intensity of the training and the mileage log, fasting, ketosis or any other new stuff, may affect me wrongly.

Nevertheless, I’m going to try a #meatlessmonday where I commit myself to avoid eating meat. I was doing a rehearsal on Tuesday and I felt good. So, why not to extend as an habit?
The reason behind is that I’m used to eat meat almost daily, but I can may give a rest to the body and pick a wider range of foods and contribute to eat cleaner and more conscious. If that makes sense.
Therefore, I add this habit to others that I’ve adopted in 2017 (part of my resolution list), as produce less garbage, recycle more and better and don’t waste food. Small actions to contribute in maintaining a more sustainable world.

The menu for Monday, will be feed by green leaves, avocado, tomatoes and tuna as a core food. Starting the day out with some porridge and adding nuts to the snacks hours. Eventually, having a dinner based in some quinoa, eggs, eggplant and fetta cheese.
I’ll probably change some of the ingredients, but this is the top line idea.

Let’s try it out!



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