IronMan 70.3 Vietnam – First block

Hi guys,
On Sunday, I finished the first block in my preparation for IronM1an 70.3 Vietnam.
I planned this kick off period in 4 weeks, taking in consideration what is working the best for my body. There are different approaches to setup your plan, but I personally like to give 4-5 incremental weeks of work and then assimilate on week 5-6.

During this time, I was training everyday, following my #nodaysoff challenge, adding to the mileage:

  • Swimming: 25k
  • Cycling: 641k
  • Running: 173k
  • Strength: 4h
  • Yoga: 2h
  • X-training: 3h

In total, 46 sessions, 50 hours, 868k  in 28 days
2As I was mentioning, the training that I’m following is based in a minimal approach, focusing in intensity and working out inside the threshold zone.
So far, so good, I can’t complain. My body is reacting positive to the sessions and I’m feeling faster and better that I was expecting beforehand.
In this snapshot, you can see a brick session composed by 5k warm up + 2x(20k bike + 5k running) + 5k calm down

The weeks are sort in 10-14 sessions, with a 10 to 13 hours of training.
The intensity is, in average, close to 85%, what makes every practice a challenge and a test either for my body and my head. Love it though =)3
All the cycling has been done indoor, apart of a 25k outside, and most of the intensive running in the treadmill. In swimming, I’m back on track, finding a fast recovery between sets rather than speed (it will come!)

On the other hand and for skeptical, the training log will be dramatically increased as soon as Germany is allowing me to ride outside. With a day of 3 hours on the road, plus the weekly basis, I will easily end up with something between 15-16 hours/week.
Summing this up with a 7 days camp that I’m planning for the last week of March in Alicante, I do believe I can have a good base for Vietnam.

I personally don’t think that doing a pure aerobic approach, with long sessions and training in the oxygen zone, is beneficial at any level. Rather, it can brings you injuries and overtraining, plus stress.

Ready for the next block!

Dani Juan


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