How to win the day – Boost

Hi guys,
Let me start as my previous post: winning the morning is winning the day

Today I would like to give you a Morning routine that I love and, foremost, it will boost you to walk into the office with your brain and batteries ready to rock.

This routine needs 40′, so no excuses!

  • Open your eyes: Wake up, drink a glass of water and prepare an espresso (optional)
  • Meditation: Focus in 5′ meditation, breathing in and out and letting your head go
    I’m using now Simple Habit and formerly Headspace.
  • On your shoes: Choose a 20′ to 30′ aerobic activity. I like running, but brisk walking is perfect as well.
  • Food for Thought: Don’t go out with your phone or ipod. Select the night before a podcast with something you want to learn or keep yourself updated.
    Personally, I like shows as How I built this, the Tim Ferriss show or Extremely Productivity, but there is a bunch of great options in itunes.
  • Shower and Breakfast: Put yourself fresh and refuel your deposits.
    I like to do my own Porridge, made with Oats, protein powder, coconut milk, banana and walnuts. Cinnamon and chia seeds on top
    Note: Don’t spend money in already prepared Porridge, rather cook it at home, is extremely easy and you know exactly what you want to add
  • Off to the office: You’re ready to rock the day.
    You have completed your brain training, your physical activity, grabbing some ideas and giving to your body a good (and yummy) breakfast.

Last but not least, I like to start visualising the day at this point.
Essentially, I dissect my daily tasks by relevance, giving the first 1 hour to the most important one.

This is how my Boost day looks like. It can change slightly, depending if I’m extending my training up to 1h. I like to hit this day at least once per week, usually when I’m quite tired and I know I will be not able to perform in a training practice as I should.

I encourage you to try it out, set a couple of days of your week and note how do you feel.

Dani Juan


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