How to win the day – Work

Hi guys,
Winning the morning is winning the day.

I’ve never being a night guy. Actually, I use to go to bed pretty early, keening on waking up the next day and making things. A lot of things.
Also, I don’t setup my alarm. I naturally jump out of the bed at the same time everyday (10′ buffer!).

Why I do that? 
Once again, winning the morning is winning the day.
If I can accomplish some of my priority tasks before the day officially starts, I know the day is going to be good.

What I do?
I wake up daily before 5.45 am.
Depending on my day schedule, I choose between doing sports or working.
In the past, practicing some sports was my “must do” every morning before the dawn, but in the last years I found extremely efficient (at least for me) to focus in my 1 single most important job priority.
The reason is quite simple: There are barely emails at 5.45 am nor sounds, you are fresh and fully focus in one single task. Add a cup of coffee to the equation and here you go.

My results?
I experienced that this 30′ to 60′ focus are such a powerful tool to smash the day.
With my daily key task done or already structured, I can start thinking in how to plan the rest of the day. Meetings, secondary tasks, sports, you name it.

I’ll come back to you with my morning energy boost routine pretty soon.
Stay tuned!

Dani Juan


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