Running at its best

Hi guys,
All of us, me included, are nowadays slaves of running with a GPS tracker.
Platforms like Strava, gear like Garmin or apps as Runtastic are driving us nuts to check how long, how fast and how good are we performing in any single session.

Don’t misunderstanding me, I love all of them and I use in my daily basis.
I do think is great to track your activities whether you want to perform but also to analyse your improvements and ultimately to record your weekly mileage.

However, what I’m missing some days is the “freedom” to run without looking constantly to the watch. A running session to merge with the environment, listen to your body and keep your mind gathering everything is popping up in your way. Running at its best.

As I’m not happy and I feel a bit slave of my Garmin, I’ve introduced a session called, once again, Running at its best. It’s an easy game to play, let me explain how is working:

  1. On your marks: Put your runners on, try to wear a long sleeve top to cover your watch and head up for a running session.
  2. Set: Press your GPS device and search for the signal. It’s green? Perfect, you are set.
    Press the button “start” and cover your watch.
  3. Go: Off for a run. Don’t do your typical route, that’s cheating. Pick a new way and don’t set a pace or time, just let your body steers you.
  4. Guess it: Before arriving to the finish line, try to guess how long and the average pace you were running.
  5. Stop the clock: This is the 1st time you should see your watch since you pressed start.
  6. Take a breath: And now, one of the key things of the game: Give to yourself some minutes and think how do you feel, the sensations of the running and how deep do you know your body, pace, you name it.

I played this game last Sunday in my long run. I guessed 19k in 1h25′.
Close enough, I reached 19k in 1h26′.
But, to be honest with you guys, after checking the watch, I decided to end up the half marathon. The power of the number 21!

Try it out and let me know how you feel!

Dani Juan


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