Back to the roots

Hi guys,
Some days ago, I was at home doing a kind of training camps, in order to build the base for IronMan 70.3 Vietnam but also to prepare different (an amazing) milestones that are coming pretty soon.

During this short period, I stick to train without music. Why?
The reason was taken, basically, because I was missing, somehow, the connection with the environment when running or cycling, yet the ability to listen to my body.
Last but not least, I was searching for finding inner motivation, rather than the energy boost that music produces on us.

With this setup and in a period of 4 days, I rode a decent 350k on the bike; running was the most cutted but still 50k and eventually a solid swimming of 10k. And as mentioned before, no music in any single session.

The sensations were good! I felt more awake on the bike, being able to appreciate much more the environment and definitely being aware of the traffic.
In terms of running, the feeling was alike, but running close the a noise highway made annoying parts of the practices.
Nothing to comment in swimming, thus I never use any music device in that environment.

To sum up, a great breakout to train both body and mind, to be more aware to everything that is surrounding us and to embrace inner motivation.

And for the future, I would love to maintain some sessions like above, but I’m still a big fan of training with music though =)

Dani Juan


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