Running Hacks or How to make the best out of a practice

Hi guys,
I’m currently adding a bunch of miles to my running and not everytime is easy to overcome a practice. It may come from tiredness, both physical o mental, soreness in some specific muscle or just a mind hurdle.

What I’m using and hopefully you can get benefit of, it’s a battery of hacks to cheat my body and mind on those days that I’m not feeling like to run:

  • Before going off:
    • Watching a video that motivates you
    • Reading an uplifting article
    • Listening a song that boost your ass out
  • During the practice:
    • Use 2 differenciate parts in your listening:
      • 1st part, I use to play a podcast of a topic that I’m interesting
      • 2nd part, I play a music playlist with old songs, trying to stimulate my brain to think in where I was at that time. Prepare to be surprise about how many great times come over!
    • Play with Fear: For me, I set a goal that people is not overtaking me.
      To start, you can define a number a try to stick to it
    • Guilt: A great negative incentive linked with something unhealthy you’ve eating in the last day/hours
    • Rewards: Here I love two approaches
      • If I achieve the goal, the reward will be the breakfast, lunch or dinner
      • If I excel the goal or I’m struggling and I force myself to keep on moving, I add something else on top. Normally, a McFlurry is such a yummy motivation to push further
  • Post running:
    • Stick to the rewards you have achieved, or next time your brain may reject to collaborate that much
    • Write down the ideas you have generated during the running
    • Relax and switch gears, you’ve reset your body and mind

I hope this post is helping you to run farther, faster or just to run!

Dani Juan


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