Infinitetrails 2018 – race cancellation

Hi guys,
Last post regarding the Infinitetrails 2018 by Adidas.

As you may know, the race was eventually canceled. The conditions in several parts of the course were dangerous (ice, snow and wind) so the organization decided to cancel it. Well done.

It is a shame, since I was preparing this race with a lot of love and dedication.
Last year, I was lucky enough to be part of the shooting for the race, and I felt since that that I’m part of it.
Nevertheless, it was a great decision, it’s better to cancel than to put any unnecessary risk in the athletes.

After knowing the cancelation, we decided to do a hike and celebrate the opportunity to be all together in such a magical place. So we head up to the 3rd loop, the one Mario was supposed to run.
A couple of hours in the trails and finding some fog and wind with merely 1.000m of elevation gained.
On our way down, we cross our way with all the pro’s athletes. They stopped and we have a 20′ chat. It was payless!

Then, the organization was preparing a great party open for everybody, with some food and drinks, yet music! We hang out until late in the evening, having fun with the participants and registering for the next year!

To sum up the experience, what an unforgettable time with friends, athletes and people that love outdoors.
Inspired and with a smile, we pack everything up and drop a “see you next year” rather than a “goodbye”

Thanks for everything, it was a blast!

Dani Juan


Infinitetrails 2018 – pre-race

Hi everyone,
Following the last post of the Infinitetrails 2018 – Prologue, it’s time to add more meat to the bone to explain my experience.

Saturday morning the day starts easy. Waking up, preparing coffee and a complete breakfast with eggs, avocado, oatmeal and toasts. So good!
After eating, we head up to the physio area, to treat some trigger points for the next day.

Then, the organization was inviting all the athletes to enjoy an incredible brunch, with an open buffet to ensure everyone is ready to face tomorrow’s battle.
Everyone is there, from amateurs to pros. Everyone is sharing some words, jokes, chat…the atmosphere is unique.
Once our stomachs are full, we go for a walk, trying to digest the brunch properly. 

The day goes fast, and it’s time to attend the race briefing. One hour of indications for next day. Again, safety first!
Once the briefing is over, we go for a coffee and the pressure for next day start to appear. The athletes start to go home for the preps, and in our case is time for having dinner. Pizza choice (what else?) and just in time for Germany’s match. What a game!

And after that is time to prepare everything for race day. Review all the material inside-out, plan with Nicki the checkpoints, plan, where to push and when to be conservative. Exciting! And with that, time to shut down and visualize next day…Vamos!

To be continued…

Dani Juan

Infinitetrails 2018 – Prologue

Hi guys,
Coming from Gastein after attending the 1st edition of Infinitetrails.

The bottom line, a race cancellation due to adverse conditions.
After checking the weather, the organization decided to avoid risks and postpone it for next year. A bold and right decision, which also shows how much the guys behind the race look after the athlete. Well done!

But the days around the beautiful Austrian area gave us much more things than a race. So bear with me.

My friends were touching down in Munich on Friday morning. I picked them up and off we go to the venue. A short stop on our way of refueling and arriving just in time to pick the slots and change our clothes. It’s prologue time!.

The first funny anecdote is coming up pretty early. 5′ before the gun goes on, we realized that Mario is not wearing the transponder in his ankle. Great start! Luckily, one of the volunteers is able to react fast and find, again extremely lucky, his bag, which was already in the van. So 30” before kick off, he’s back and we are laughing out loud. Off we go!

The Prologue was tougher than expected, with a long flat section and an uphill with wet conditions. The sensations were not good from the beginning, paying the fine of arriving late to Gastein and with stiff legs. Yet, the altitude was not playing in our favor. If you sum also that the guys were coming from +30 degrees…the combination was amazing.

Nicki and Lidon, showing an incredible and impressive strong performance, by crossing the line just after us, with a smile and energy to kick our ass in future editions. So proud of you!

Nevertheless, we had a blast, cross a shortened course and arrived on time for the pasta party to the Stubnerkogel Alm.

From my side, during the last part of the course I started feeling a couple of blisters popping up, which made the last 2k a survival mission.
The calf was giving me fewer problems than expected, only annoying my running in the first portion of the flat section.
The gluteus, just with a constant trigger point sore, far away from being ideal, but good enough to allow me to finish.

And, after some beers, noodles and soup, we took the lift down and head to the apartment, to set the day and count hours down for the next day.

To be continued…


3 days training for Infinitetrails

Hey guys,
Back from Paris and counting days down for heading up to Bad Gastein, to hit its trails and race Infinitetrails by Adidas.

I will post more information about the race and what are we going to actually do, but as an appetizer, I want to share a 3 days mini-camp I did a few days ago.

My lap is the second one, which means that my friend Nacho will give me the baton and I’ll face (hopefully before handing it over to Mario) 58k with 3.400m of altitude. Yes, I know….

As I’m far away to be a trail runner, yet not living close enough to the mountains, I decided to try different pieces of training during the last months, with a confidence (probably, overconfident) 3 days at the mountains.

Day I: Some picking up for the legs, nothing massive. 2h31′, 21k and +800m
Day II: Going longer with 4h03”, 32k and +1700m
Day III: Special 2x practices;
1st with 1h05′, 10.2k, +600 and
2nd with 2h, 14.1k, +900m
Total: 9h40′, 77.5k, +4.000m

A proper block that does not look enough though.
My expectations for those days was to accumulate more altitude and spend maybe a bit more moving.
However, I see a very positive sensation in terms of recovery from day to day and finishing the key session on day II with energy.

Currently, I’m facing some calf issues, so training is not going as I would like.
Nevertheless, I will try my best to enjoy the relay and have fun with the guys.

Stay tuned, the event is going to be awesome!


New Sponsor! DoWeMedia

Hi guys,
More good news!
In addition to Certis, this year I´ll be supported by DoWeMedia.

DoWeMedia is an incredible media company, creating content and telling stories through vídeomkt.
Being customer obsessed, everything starts with a conversation. From there, DoWeMedia goes home and throw all the ideas to a flipchart, to analyze the most innovative solutions to drive results and eventually handover a complete strategy to meet results.

Communication, media and experience, with the customers always as the center of everything they do.

I´m looking forward to sharing with you some of the content they create!

Dani Juan

New Sponsor! Certis Growing for the Future

Hi guys,
I´m quite happy to announce that I´ll be supported by Certis and his project ¨Growing for the Future¨ to face the season 2018.

Growing for the Future aims to bring together different partners from the food chain through collaboration, to positively impact the final product for the customers.
Sustainability, environment and customer commitment are values that make Certis a great company to team up with.

During this season, I´ll endorse some of its values, with the goal of expanding and promoting them in Germany.

Super excited to contribute and spread values as health, environment and sustainability, which I personally live with and I´ll be proud to promote.

Looking forward to sharing with you some pictures and news!

Dani Juan

Running LA

Hi guys,
Back from the West Coast of the USA and still with goosebumps of how much I like that IMG_5670area. Even not being a big fan of LA, I´ve to admit that this time it was treating me great.

Touchdown in LA by Saturday 5th, so 5 de Mayo!, and the party, coronitas and nachos, were served.
People riding bikes with music, drinks and costumes, under a shiny sun and a sparkling crispy water.
I stayed in Hermosa Beach,
just 5´away from the pier.
After checking in, it was time to explore the area and get some tan. The pier, as mentioned above, was full, making the running more a zig-zag exercise rather than a proper run. Nevertheless, perfect conditions to stretch the legs after 13 hours of travel.
Finishing 15k and directly taking a dip in the Pacific. Priceless.

IMG_5688As I try to do everytime I travel for business, the morning call is set up pretty early. Winning the morning is winning the day, no doubt.
Yet, the jet lag always helps to keep you awake, so it was not such a big effort in this occasion.
To make the best out of my 2,5 days in LA, I decided to hit 3 practices, without any pace nor length in the plan, but to ensure a wonderful run along the beach. No hurries, no pressure.
My takeaways are simple:

  • I love the sunrise.
  • I miss the beach.
  • Doesn´t matter how busy is your agenda, you can squeeze a training. Wake up earlier, go to bed later, up to you.
  • Running is always a perfect activity to explore cities and get inspired.

Leaving LA with 46k running in the belt. And several sunrises.
Where next? On my way to Portland, Oregon.
So buckle up, there are more miles to come, and describe.
Bye bye, Hollywood Hills I´m gonna miss you!

PS: If you have not visited the LAFC stadium yet, pay a visit, is marvellous!

Dani Juan