About Dani

Dani is a Spanish guy coming from a little town on the Costa Blanca side of Alicante. Living in several countries such the USA, Netherlands and Germany and having the amazing privilege of traveling around the World, discovering new cultures and connecting with inspiring people.
His true love, aside from his family and wife, is Sports. He grew up kicking a ball in the streets, in the school’s playground and eventually becoming a semi-professional football player where he reached the highest level of the youth Spanish league. He feels proud of being captain of his team and transforming individuals into a high-performance group.
“I think this was one of my first times that I had to lead a team and find innovative ways to unleash the best of everyone. It was a beautiful period of my life, dreaming of playing in the 1st division and scoring in a Champions League match”.

After suffering a severe injury at age 19, he decided to reimagine his path into his professional career, attending to the University and getting a Bachelors in Sports, extended afterward with a Master in Sports Management. Following his desire to learn further, Dani enrolled himself in the Economics University of Valencia, where he earnt a Bachelors in Business Administration while working in the Sports industry. Once this chapter was closed, he switched to Business, starting a marketing role in a Japanese multinational, where he had the chance to learn a different culture and way of working.

During this time, he felt the urge to keep on learning and attended the Business school with a more experienced audience than himself, grabbing the opportunity to learn faster from his classmates.
“It was a time of my life that I was hungry to learn and contribute much more to the organization, but also a period when I realized that theory and real Business is quite different. The key is the right blend”.

Soon after finishing his masters in Marketing, he joined the known fashion group Inditex. Here, he took the role of International Product Manager and Merchandising, learning from one of the fastest companies, a benchmark for many players in the consumer goods industry. During this time, he was managing the Middle-East for Zara Woman, the strongest and highest turnover line of the group.
“Inditex is an (almost) perfect engine. It works fast, efficient and also smart. They are pioneers in distribution, using big data and being one of most competitive companies in the World. You need to be fast, bold and keen on working hard. I like to say that my time there was a real top school MBA”.

A new opportunity was calling him up, this time from Germany to make his move to the Adidas Group. Jumping into the Sports industry was like a dream coming true. Starting in Reebok to take off in a new Business model, studying and understanding the difference between a DTC model vs a Wholesale. After Reebok, it was time to move to Adidas, specifically to Global Marketing and within the Football BU. Being in one of the most important Business Units of the group, gave him the chance to interact with incredibly smart colleagues, learn from them and gain exposure within the organization. One of the most important milestones of that time was the Football Eurocup 2016 in France and the World Cup 2018 in Russia.
“Just think about a kid who dreams of being called to represent his country in a Worldcup. And after losing this train, someone gives you the opportunity to set this up through a different lens. Speechless!”.

Aside from the corporate Business, he has co-founded two startups with his wife, deconstructing several unknown functions and applying an accelerated learning to his background.With more than 3 years of life, the Healthy Advents Calendar reached more than 5 countries and 500 consumers, creating an impact both in people and organizations.

Halibalaride is his most ambitious Project. A fully digital platform, created from scratch and a 100% mobile-driven, oriented to connect riders across the globe and share gear. The mission is clear: Foster and inspiring people to have an active life. In addition, the site enables to gain an extra income to the listers and to enjoy a good Sports gear to the renters at any time and in anywhere. “We were keen on creating something to solve a problem that we were facing for a while. Exploring a city or an area with a bike is something unique because it enables you to go out of the tourist routes and arrive at places that you will not reach instead. Yet, the possibility to create something meaningful, with a social impact and contributing to a percentage of the earnings to a social cause. It didn’t ́t take a long time to roll up our sleeves and create Halibalaride”.

The link with education was always key for him. Inspired by his dad, he always tries to learn something new. With this mindset and the objective to create an impact on others, he started doing MBA Lectures and Keynotes.
“Teaching is not only fun but also an incredible way to interact with a generation full of energy and dreams. They definitely give me more than I do”.

Dani lives with his wife between Nuremberg and Munich, sharing passions and squeezing live as much as they can.

I ́d like to think that my best work is yet to come. I do believe that we need to do something for what we are not ready for, raising the bar a bit further than our very best mark. Only then we will be able to unleash our potential and grow.


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