Running Hacks or How to make the best out of a practice

Hi guys,
I’m currently adding a bunch of miles to my running and not everytime is easy to overcome a practice. It may come from tiredness, both physical o mental, soreness in some specific muscle or just a mind hurdle.

What I’m using and hopefully you can get benefit of, it’s a battery of hacks to cheat my body and mind on those days that I’m not feeling like to run:

  • Before going off:
    • Watching a video that motivates you
    • Reading an uplifting article
    • Listening a song that boost your ass out
  • During the practice:
    • Use 2 differenciate parts in your listening:
      • 1st part, I use to play a podcast of a topic that I’m interesting
      • 2nd part, I play a music playlist with old songs, trying to stimulate my brain to think in where I was at that time. Prepare to be surprise about how many great times come over!
    • Play with Fear: For me, I set a goal that people is not overtaking me.
      To start, you can define a number a try to stick to it
    • Guilt: A great negative incentive linked with something unhealthy you’ve eating in the last day/hours
    • Rewards: Here I love two approaches
      • If I achieve the goal, the reward will be the breakfast, lunch or dinner
      • If I excel the goal or I’m struggling and I force myself to keep on moving, I add something else on top. Normally, a McFlurry is such a yummy motivation to push further
  • Post running:
    • Stick to the rewards you have achieved, or next time your brain may reject to collaborate that much
    • Write down the ideas you have generated during the running
    • Relax and switch gears, you’ve reset your body and mind

I hope this post is helping you to run farther, faster or just to run!

Dani Juan


Cross training, the alps and my 32’s

Hi guys,
This weekend I headed up to Ruhpolding, to celebrate my 32’s with Nicki. img_6549
The surprise and agenda was made by her, with a priceless combination of everything I need to feel happy: Sport, outdoors, mind, relax, reading, coffee, switching off, going out of my comfort zone and her.

We started the wintersports Weekend on Friday afternoon, with a stop in Dinzler, drinking a fresh roasted coffee. Stop by if you are heading to the alps from Munich. Arriving in the evening to Ruhpolding, where the biatlhon world cup was taking place one week before and getting frozen during a walk. It was just -15 degrees.

img_6562Saturday, early wake up with the Australian Open (vamos Rafa!), breakfast and going to the skiing area. My 32’s were started! I picked snowboard again, to challenge myself with something I don’t manage as good as skiing. The goal was accomplished, meaning I was able to turn in both sides and doing some basic exercises. I still like more skiing though.
Afterwards, we grab a coffee and cake and went to the Sauna for a blend of heating and ice bath. Finishing the day with a steak and a kaisersmann!

On Sunday, one of the most beautiful cross country skiing that I’ve ever made. A loop img_6597with pines, tons of snow and a sparkling sun made the job. I pushed myself in some sections and I really like this sport. It’s amazing how your pulse goes up and your senses are on fire!
A bath in the snow (this time the water was warm, but outdoor and with the alps as landscape) and driving back home, with a stop in Munich to have dinner with Nicki’s family.
Yet, we made a stop in the Echinger see, the lake that I use to swim  on summer. And guess what, it was frozen and the kids were playing Ice Hockey. Wow!

To wrap up, a great Weekend, respecting the training and being able to switch off and refuel batteries.

Here my extra training tips to make any travel a way to improve your shape:

  • Plan your training week beforehand: Set up your key sessions before the trip kicks off.
  • Spoil yourself during the trip: Stop avoiding eating some treats because of weight gaining. Rather, have a clean week before and afterwards. You’re body will be more than fine!
  • Stop thinking you are not training: Any single physical activity has a positive impact on you. Skiing, snowboarding or just brisk walking. Embrace a cross session, it’s good either for your body and mind.
  • Use the trip as a supercompensation: If you were pushing during the week, the Weekend is ideal to stretch, doing some meditation and taking it easy. Again, your body will be grateful.
  • You are not losing shape nor momentum: As said, 2-3 days can have a great impact in your performance. A single session is not enhancing your level, but the consistency during the season

I will update you really soon about how my training is going, and I’ll share how I’m planing and facing this new season, on my way to Ironman 70.3 Vietnam, slightly different as last ones.
img_6592Once again, many thanks for all your birthday wishes! You always make me smile.

Dani Juan



Challenges 2017: Ironman 70.3 Vietnam

Hi guys,
2016 was a transition competition period for me.

If you were somehow following my year, I was training and doing good, but not eager on putting a slot and racing.
Last year, I ended up with something around 300 km of swimming, 3.500 km of cycling and 2.300 km of running, far away of my 2015 figures. In addition, I spent such a bunch of hours in the mountains, either trail running and hiking.
To sum up the year, I would say it was a great year, growing in other areas as personal and my career, traveling around the globe and also achieving some dreams of my bucket list. I also got engaged with the most beautiful woman on Earth, so, what else?

But I felt it was time to set some sport challenges in my agenda. Therefore and with a push from Nicki, I’m officially enrolled in the IronMan 70.3 Vietnam, on May 7th 2017!

The idea is preparing the race properly, crossing fingers to keep away from injuries, trying to race as my best and enjoy the Ironman journey like a kid.
The goal is definitely to fight for a top 5 age group, but it will depends of how my body is assimilating the training volumes.
Yet, the temperature factor will play a crucial factor, coming from the cold Germany with a lack of outdoor cycling to a +40º weather plus the humidity factor.

All that said, keep an eye to my instagram account and the blog, in case you want to stay tuned of my training schedule.

I will share with you which kind of training method I’m using nowadays.
As a hint, I have decided to avoid long sessions, but betting for a minimal approach based in intensity, brick sessions and proper nutrition and resting.
I would stand, basically, in the 10 to 15 h/week, except some exceptional training camp (If I’ve the chance).

And that’s it!
Quite motivated to add this challenge, perfectly aligned with my #nodaysoff.
Let’s do it!

Dani Juan

Winter sports: XC skiing inclusion

Hi guys,

If you live in Germany, you’ll probably realize pretty soon that, during winter time, the TV image3has all the lights on winter sports.

If you add to that blend, being engaged with a German girl, your TV will only broadcast winter sports. Doesn’t matter who is competing or which race/discipline is taking place (even if there is a reply), there is no discussion to switch the channel.

And at the end of the day, with a bunch of hours and million of questions about “how this is working”, digging deeper in the rules, going through the athletes profiles and still having disciplines that you don’t get at all, you enthusiastically watch it, follow the athletes in instagram and even look for the next race!

A note from my side: When I first arrived to Germany (I’m from Alicante!) and they told me about “winter tyres”, my first reaction was a deep and sincere “what’s that?”

Yet and in my case, I do skiing since I was 12 years old.
Nothing serious, I just like to slide down and have fun in the mountains. I have to admit that 1 full week of skiing is too much for me.

Nowadays and being a follower of Laura Dahlmeier and the German biatlhon team, the xc skiing was a must-to-try.

That said, we tried to do last year in Austria, but unfortunately the snow was not good image2enough and we were more time walking than skating. (there are two ways to do so, classic or skating).
However, last Thursday we drove to Silberhütte and skate for around 10k, through a challenge (at least for beginners) loop of 4k.

The sensation was great! The sport is highly demanding and I found myself breathless in multiple times of the training. Also, having a poor technic makes you fight more than slide. And trust me, being an outstanding downhill skiing guy is not going to make you rock it the first time nor the second.

As we found it physically challenging and such a great way for being outdoors, we have decided to give a longer shot next Saturday.

Of course, we will stream later sky jumping, biathlon, skeleton or whatever winter sport is happening during our training practice. What else? 😛

Have you ever try xc skiing? Take your endurance to the next level! 
Dani Juan


Hi guys,
I usually train everyday and during a bunch of months, double session.
But there is always some days of the year (for instance, last year January’s 1st) when I avoid practicing sports.
Just because I’m not keening on or not feeling good.

I was reading an interesting initiative by tracksmith called #nodaysoff and I found it like a challenge.
It sounds like you need to commit yourself 100% with the challenge if you want to smash it out. And that sounds amazing to me =)

As I prefer to split long term objectives in a more feasible, realistic and measurable, I’ve decided that I will go month by month, so starting in January with a 31/31.

What I’ve slightly changed, is what I define like #nodaysoff.

  • Physical activity, with a minimum of 20′
    That can be running, swimming, cycling etc. but also yoga, brisk walking or stretching specifics etc.
  • Learning activity
    That stands for language, coding, design lesson or a new activity immersion
  • Meditation 
    A deep session
  • Fasting practices
    If (still tbd) I try a kind of ketosis or fasting days, I’ll probably avoid sport training

All that said, feel free to join me in this challenge and let’s do 2017 counts!

Dani Juan

Hello 2017!

Hi guys,
The new year has already started and the internet is flooded by resolution lists, detox plans and goals to achieve. I’ve mine as well.

2016 was a fantastic year, plenty of traveling around the world, discovering cities such Hong Kong, Moscow, Shangai, Tokyo or the West Coast of USA besides others.

Yet, I’ve ran across different continents, practiced trail running more than ever before, hiking the alps or the Victoria Peak.

IMG_1630Also, running all the way down along the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, plus a lifetime experience across Yosemite’s valley.
This was a dream travel written for a long time in my bucket list, and last summer I eventually made it. img_3094
My year was ending up in my hometown, with friends and family and running once again (I think is already my 16’s time) the Silverster race. The perfect way to close the year.

On the other side, I’ve not compete that much, swimming and biking less than in the last 2 years, and not following any specific training plan. Just moving as my body was requesting.

I’m also super happy in my career development. I’ve grown in my current company and also brought our startup to the next level, achieving a target far away higher than our first forecast. A bunch of efficient hours had finally paid off.
Personal side, I made one of the biggest steps in my entirely life, getting engaged with the person that I love. A girl that is not only able to join me in any naughty plan I’ve but also pushing me to do things in a different way, always with a smile and releasing the best version of me.



With a negative point of my 2016’s resolutions, I’ve not reach the level that I was aiming in German language. I didn’t read as much as planned either and I didn’t try the amount of new things that I was writing down last year. Yet, I was delaying topics related with health, always giving priorioty to job.

What is 2017 bringing new?
In my moleskine there is a bunch of topics that I would love to achieve.
The common question about my competition plan is still pending. I’ve not an answer so far.
I’ve prioritize the ones that I didn’t achieve during 2016, in order to overcome a wrong strategy from my side and learn of mistakes.

I’m really attracted about trying something new in terms of health. And with this I’m referring not also in feeling good, but in eating differently (still don’t know if better), trying approaches as ketosis, reducing the animal intake and also establishing routines in mindfulness practices (I’ve started already with meditation & yoga) and cleaner ways of living (so for instance, reducing the amount of waste at home). Also, I would like to see how my body feels before/during/after a fasting period of x days. I’m still skeptical to this, but why not to give a try?

For the rest, I’m ready to embrace whatever surprise the year is bringing. If something I have learned, is that every year is coming with a bunch of unexpected stuff, adventures and opportunities.
It’s great to plan in advance what are your goals and dreams, but also to keep a blank space for the unwritten paths.

All that said, I wish you a great 2017 plenty of challenges, new things and the full of the only constant I know, that is called change.
Don’t forget to make more of what makes you happy

Dani Juan