Sport is part of my life, It’s something that I need to feel alive.
During my life, I was doing different sports, tasting the best of any of them and sometimes the worst. And I can do a clear statement: Sport has the power to change lives.

I’m training people since 13 years ago, always doing like a complement of my job.
Why? Because I love to work with people and get the best out of them.
The biggest problem that I was facing when moving to Germany was the fact of the distance. I still create plans for my people, but unfortunately I can’t be live with them. Until now.

Hence, here the offer: Join me for a class via internet and 100% live.
Just type me an email of what do you want in this class. You choose the length and the focus, I will prepare and lead the class.
It can be a burning fat workout, an upper body training, a legs specific session, a pain relief etc. You decide.
The classes can be done in English, Spanish or Deutsch. This is up to you =)

Drop me an email and type what do you want. I will respond asap and we can agree a day and time for the session.

Looking forward of listening about you!

Dani Juan



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